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Death & Taxes


The House States:

  1. Membership isn't required to enter
  2. Identification maybe required
  3. Members reservations are prioritised
  4. Membership rules apply at all times
  5. No mobile phone calls
  6. Anyone can become a member
  7. Dress code may apply
  8. Membership is decided after initial visit
  9. No standing room
  10. Be respectful of others privacy


Please call 0113 -244 - 2122 for more information

General Manager
MR. Dainte Saint



'nothing in life is certain except, death & taxes'

Benjamin Franklin


Welcome to Death & Taxes. We set out to create something truly unique for Leeds. A term coined from 1789 inspired us to open and small members bar where membership would be free for those who know exactly what they like to drink and how they like to drink.

Membership is completely free and a beautiful world awaits for those who know their Scotch from their Bourbon or their Champagne from their Prosecco.

Having looked after royalty, celebrities and may other socialites. We look forward to providing you with the best drinks and service you have ever received.

Kind regards

Dainte Saint




Classic Cocktails